Listings with professional photography


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Sell Faster


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1 in 5 buy sight unseen


Buyers enjoy the online experience

Why Professional Real Estate Photography?

Today most of us start our buying experience online for everything from detergent to cars and yes, even homes. A NAR study showed that 9 out of 10 buyers begin their search online (National Association of Realtors – NAR study). Buyers rank home photos as the number one motivating feature. According to Redfin one in five make purchases sight unseen, and 53% made at least one offer based solely on photography. Buyers turn to the internet and spend an average of about 55 min a day. 69% of buyers appreciate and enjoy the online & mobile house hunting experience.

As if those were not good enough stats check out these ones.

Professionally photographed properties are viewed 61″%” more than similar counterparts. They sell about ‘50%’ faster and ‘39%’ closer to asking price. A Redfin study showed that professionally photographed homes command higher prices – an average of $934 for listings under $300,000. Higher-level homes can see an increase of $5,000- $18,000.

Beyond the statistical benefits agents always have to prepare for their next sale. Using professional photography helps to promote you so you can land the next listing.